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My Story
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My Philosophy

I feel many women could have births that are less-medicated, less complicated, and more rewarding if they have proper guidance from an educated source.  Husbands and partners are wonderful for this, but when labor begins, often all the practicing and preparing they've done goes "out the window".  A doula helps the partner to remember what was learned, while she supports the mom to make decisions that affect her labor, postpartum, and breastfeeding.


I believe each birth is unique and special.  I also feel the laboring woman should be completely informed before giving consent to any procedure, medication, or treatment.  I understand and respect that the laboring woman may have a different plan than I, but I will fully support her decision.


I am the proud mother of Rick and Emma.  In addition to them, I have given birth to 8 more children!  (I acted as a surrogate.)  It's easy to see that I have had a variety of personal experiences:  single babies, twins, gestational diabetes, cesarean births, VBAC's, miscarriages, fetal demise, premature, and "overdue" births, to name a few.


I first was made aware of doulas in 1997.  Although I didn't know I was acting as a doula, I'd been doula-ing the births of the surrogates in my agency for 5 years!  I worked to become a Certified Doula in 1998.  When I had my daughter Emma in 2002 I hired three doulas to assist.  And I am grateful that I did!


My doulas supported me, my husband, my teenage son, and each other.  They provided guidance, helped with coping techniques, explained to my son what was happening, took pictures, and empowered me to have the birth I wanted.  

The differences in my first labor (without a doula) and my ninth labor (with 3 doulas) prove to me that doulas are essential for a better birthing experience!


My Training
Certified Labor Doula

DONA International

International Doula Institute

Lifespan Doulas

Certified Postpartum Doula
DONA International
International Doula Institute
Lifespan Doulas

Certified Breastfeeding Counselor

International Doula Institute

Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Care Solutions

“Thanks to Tabitha’s love, encouragement, and skills I had a truly amazing birth.” Emelia S
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“I would recommend Tabitha as a doula to anyone. She was a powerful and essential component in two of the most important, transforming days of my life.” Peggy R.