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  1 hour    |    Free

Consultation - Free

Learn more about my training, experience, philosophy, and values. Get to know me through this free, no-obligation consultation. This is a perfect time to be sure our personalities mesh. I encourage parents and parents-to-be to interview doulas, and not simply hire the cheapest one they can find. Oftentimes, the experienced doulas are able to negotiate their fees while offering the clients the best possible education and support.

Labor Doula

Unlimited     |     $1350

Labor Doula - $1,350

Included in the fee:

  • Unlimited phone calls, texts, and emails before labor

  • 1-2 visits prior to labor

  • Unlimited hours of labor support

  • 1-2 hours immediately following birth for photos, discussion of birth, etc (may not apply for Cesarean)

  • 2 hours of postpartum care in your home (optional, at no additional cost)

  • 6 weeks of unlimited calls, texts, and emails after birth​

Postpartum Doula
4-Hour Minimum

4 hours     |     $168

Postpartum Doula - $42/hour (4-hr minimum)

As a postpartum doula, I am able to prepare meals, do laundry, do light housework, care for Baby while Mom rests or showers, and help with breastfeeding positioning.  I will not provide transportation to the client or her family.

There is a $200 deposit for this Pay-As-You-Go option.

Postpartum Doula Packages

Postpartum Doula Package - $750

Sometimes 4 hours isn't enough for all that needs to be done. Many clients prefer to pre-purchase a package of 20 hours, which gives some peace of mind (and saves money). These hours can be split over several days.


20 hours     |     $750

Labor and Postpartum Package

Labor and Postpartum Package - $2000

The bond formed between the Labor Doula and Mom is a strong one. Many times Mom wishes to contact her Birth Doula for support or guidance during postpartum. This package helps ensure the Doula remains available.

Birth plus 20-hours Postpartum: $2000


Hours Vary     |     $2000

Postpartum Doula

Overnight Doula - $275

For 10 hours through the night, I will take care of Baby.  Some parents want to be awakened for breastfeeding, but others prefer I bottle feed so they can rest. Tell me your wishes, and I will honor them. I will diaper Baby, soothe Baby, and put Baby back to sleep. In the morning I will give you a log of events that happened through the night. I can do simple tasks including folding laundry and meal prep.  There is no fee for mileage, however, if I am asked to stay beyond the 10 hours there is a $42/hour fee.


10 Hours   |     $275

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