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Keep your little ones safe with this Adhesive Double Door Lock. This safety lock is easy to install and requires no tools, simply using adhesive to attach it wherever needed. This lock is perfect for keeping children out of cupboards, drawers and doors, keeping them away from any potential dangers. The lock can also be used to keep children from entering rooms they shouldn't, providing you with the peace of mind that your child is safe. The simple yet effective design makes this lock a must-have for any parent looking for extra child safety.

Adhesive Double Door Lock

Excluding Sales Tax

    • Designed to be simple to install on standard framed cabinets, with our without a center post.  Does not work on frameless (Euro/IKEA) cabinets.

    • ZeroPinch® design keeps the doors closed without any movement, eliminating the risk of pinch hazards that come with common latches that clamp around handles or knobs.

    • Flexible depth adjustment will accommodate doors of different thicknesses.

    • Installs with strong adhesive making installation quick and simple.

    • Available in White or Gray to fit in with your home décor. Comes with matching storage post.

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