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This 6-pack of SureCatch Lower Drawer/Door Adhesive Latches is perfect for keeping your little ones safe. The adhesive latches are easy to install with no tools required, and they can be used on cabinet drawers and doors to help prevent your child from accessing potentially hazardous items. The latch is adjustable to fit most standard drawer and cabinet sizes, and the adhesive will not damage your furniture. This 6-pack of Lower Drawer/Door Adhesive Latches is an essential safety item for any home with young children.

SureCatch Lower Drawer/Door Adhesive Latches, 6-pack

SKU: 17-10014
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    • NO DRILLING, NO SCREWING, NO HASSLES! No need to remove drawers during installation. The included Perfect Installation Tool eliminates the difficult guesswork of lining up the catch and the latch. No additional tools required! 

    • Fits LOWER drawers and cabinet doors in Standard Framed cabinets. Does not fit frameless (Euro) cabinet drawers and doors.  For drawers and cabinet doors directly under countertops, use Qdos Top Drawer/Door Adhesive Latches.

    • Qdos patented Lower Drawer/Door Adhesive Latches are made with a SureCatch® circle design rather than a hook, which makes it easier to catch, ensuring slip-proof security for drawers and cabinets.

    • Engineered plastics for superior memory function, always return to original position and won’t wear out over time.

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