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These Soft Corner Protectors are the perfect solution to baby proof your home and keep your little ones safe. Their soft, foam construction is designed to absorb impact and protect your family from sharp corners and edges. This 4-pack of protectors will provide you with full coverage of the most common trouble areas in your home, such as tables, shelves, and other furniture. Easy to install and remove, these Soft Corner Protectors will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is a safe and secure environment for your family.

Soft Corner Protectors, 4-pack

SKU: S144
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Clear
Expected to ship within 10 days of ordering.
  • The secureSTICK™ Soft Corner Protectors help keep toddlers safe from sharp, hard corners. The ultra-soft gel corner protectors provide superb protection from accidental bumps. It’s perfect for coffee tables, end tables and desks. Put one on the underside of your counter top and you’ve got great protection for a little head when your toddler tries to stand up!

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