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The StayPut Double Outlet Plugs offer an easy and effective way to keep curious children away from potential electrical hazards. This 6-pack of outlet plugs allow you to cover two outlets with one piece, making it a convenient and safe option for parents. The StayPut plugs are a great choice for parents looking for extra security. With the StayPut Double Outlet Plugs, you can keep your kids safe and your home hazard-free.

StayPut Double Outlet Plugs, 6-pack

SKU: 17-11004
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: White
    • Patented Design Keeps Unused Outlets Safe - Over 50% of outlets are never used! Eliminate the hazard of electrical shock or burns by covering unused outlets.

    • One Plug Covers Both Outlets - Clean design that blends with the outlet cover and goes unnoticed by children.

    • Secure StayPut Fit – Unlike other outlet plugs on the market, Qdos® Outlet Plugs have an extra tight fit and beveled edges that prevent small fingers from grasping and removing them.

    • Completely denies children access to the outlet preventing them from placing objects in it.

    • Fits Standard, Decora & GFCI Outlets.

    • Use Qdos StayPut Single Outlet Plugs or Qdos Universal Self-Closing Outlet Covers for outlets that are used regularly.

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